HD Expo: Hospitality Industry Products & Designs

The HD Expo brings products for the hospitality industry and designs to a large venue where all will be easy to observe and choose from. Everything is on the menu in Miami Beach Convention Center this fall of 2017. October third through the fourth will have a full conference for all layers of the hospitality industry. Again the springtime will also present a similar event in Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas, Nevada. Hotels grand and quaint will be treated to displays and pitches from vendors near and far. Some of the important aspects of creating a comfortable and pleasant stay for guests involve entertainment with HDTV.

Every room in hotel establishments should have the HDTV where movement on the 42-inch screen makes the viewer feel that they are there experiencing what is happening in the content. The fun factor is heightened immensely. Guests will fully enjoy their stay and their viewing experience while they relax in the comfort, cleanliness, and coziness of their guest accommodations, especially with the TVs that can be set up with ease. The HDTVs are also energy saving and run cool the entire time they are powered up. Any device or cable box is compatible with the HDTV screen, making it very user friendly.

The HD Hospitality Expo in May of 2018 promises to present topics of high degree in “hospitality design education and inspiration.” These sessions will be composed of educational seminars that are fully accredited with training on the most pertinent topics of the day such as transitions and trends to promote growth in the international as well as national frontiers. Experts in these areas will conduct presentations covering their perspectives regarding the direction the hospitality industry is headed.

The main thrust of the conference will be to promote insight for well documented growth and development approaches for companies in the industry, more specifically regarding interior design. Light will be shed on new ways to envision the future. Many very practical methods will be demonstrated so that those who are tasked with design of projects in the hospitality industry will be able to expand their portfolio in a successful way.

The best tips being offered by the hosts of this event are to get access to all the sessions. To do this it is recommended that the Experience Pass is obtained. This pass will give the holder access to all conference sessions. It also allows these sessions to be attended in schedule friendly and leisurely way. This will be a grand opportunity to rub elbows with the most honored and hailed speakers of the hospitality design community. Circulating among such well respected and brilliant participants allows the best kind of mixing.

Another level of participation that is available is The Full Conference Pass. All conference sessions will be accessible with chances to meet the top designers as well. This is the most coveted opportunity to allow the networking vehicle to meet with the ultimate connections in the hospitality design business. This will be the quintessential path to career development as well as job acquisition. It is simple to enroll by visiting the HDexpo website.

For exhibitors, the entire pool of hospitality professionals will be present to take in all the offerings of the many exhibitors of the hospitality design industry. The trends and classical topics will be presented together. This spectacle surely will entice those who are deeply involved in the industry or for those hoping become as such. Meeting the most forward thinking in the industry and touching base with those who seek their wisdom and foresight will be fully enabled continuously during this expo.

Setting up an exhibit at the HD Expo is tantamount to success for these main reasons:

  • 85% of attendees are too decision makers
  • 92% of participants write for content entities to inform the public
  • HD expo presents international trends and products
  • A great source of influential materials for project planning
  • Fabulous and varied networking events
  • Well known buyers from largest hotel chains are present
  • Marketing promotional efforts are encouraged

Those who plan to attend are extremely enthusiastic as they report that the show has great depth and it solid in reliability for offering the most innovative and trend setting products. The exhibitors seek the evaluation and feedback from the participants. Many who have attended rave about how great the time spent was in previous years and make it a habit to come back each year. It is observed from feedback also that participants are very impressed with the exhibits and highly recommend all interested parties to attend.